Sign Up for Vendepunktet - rebellion or climate collapse

I'm going to Vendepunktet!
Are you ready for Vendepunktet? For us to prepare in the best possible way, it is a great help if you fill out the following questions. None of your answers are binding in any way - it is just to give us an overview.

To send you information about the rebellion we ask for your email. If you prefer being anonymous and difficult to trace, you can download the Tor Browser and make a ProtonMail account before signing up. We will of course store your information in a safe way. Remember to check your spam folder during the next time leading up to the rebellion since our emails often end up there. If you have any questions or troubles just write us on vendepunktet(at)

Thank you for joining in. Doesn't matter if you tick one box or 10. You're important.
For dansk klik her
A pledge to each other
We want you to make a pledge.
We are in a crisis, and the responsibility of Denmark is huge. At Vendepunktet we will show that the people want a different way - a just future for all. The struggle won't always be easy, but we have to keep going. That's why we want to align us with these pledges:

- I wont wait until someone else comes and "saves the day"
- I will not allow crisis to mean self protection - I am committed to protection for all
- I will not allow myself to remain silent when whole communities are treated as acceptable collateral damage If you sign up for any of this you will get a mail on how to get started
You don't need to fill this out to submit the survey.
Helping de-escalate heated situations, and ensuring that everyone feels good. ((if you sign up for it we'll send you info about training dates)
What dates? Can you bring a mattress and sleeping bag? Do you have any needs?
How many places can you offer which nights? Should they bring mattress and/or sleeping bags? Is your home wheelchair-friendly?